Meal Preparation/Planning and Errands

Meal Preparation and Planning

Having a shared meal with a client is one of our most rewarding services.

It is common knowledge that one will eat more when not eating alone. This is very important to many of our clients who do not practice eating a well-balanced meal. Instead, they eat for convenience.

It’s much easier to prepare a microwave meal than cook. The meal certainly does not look as appealing or taste as good as a prepared meal. This will justify not eating all of the meals.

Caregiver serving an a mature lady her dinner in her own home at her dining table in the kitchen.

With our clients, we can prepare meal plans and assist with grocery shopping as an outing when the client is healthy enough.

At the very least, when the client is physically able, cooking the meal together creates a rewarding activity - keeping them active and engaged.

Caregiver woman helping senior man with shopping


We drive many of our clients to pick up groceries and household goods. We can also take them out for a meal or activity, such as movies or classes at Senior Centers.

We also provide transportation to doctor appointments. We can join the appointment to have an extra set of ears and eyes when needed. We then communicate that information back to the loved one who could not be at the appointment.

Another important driving service is to provide transportation to and from outpatient procedures. We are able to pick up prescriptions and help the client settle in at home, take medications and prepare a meal while monitoring the client.

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