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Veteran Support

Serving the veteran population is close to our hearts as all of our fathers served active duty during wartime in the military. Patrick’s father served in WWII, and Robin and Audra’s fathers served during the Vietnam War.

Southern Living Assistance Services is contracted with VetAssist to refer veterans for qualification and provide care for those who qualify. Additionally, our team will be by your side to help navigate the Veteran’s Administration in order for veterans to receive aid and/or Homemaker benefits, which also provides in-home care.

Do you need assistance with navigating the VA to receive the Aid and Homemaker benefits you deserve? Are you a wartime veteran or the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran - if the answer is yes, are you receiving the Aid and Attendance Pension? The Aid and Attendance Pension provides in-home care for a veteran, veteran and spouse, or surviving spouse of a wartime veteran.

Contact us today for assistance. A member of management will be dedicated to assisting you!

Patient Advocacy

Today's healthcare is so confusing! Total Health Management offers 6 key areas to serve you:

1. Family Care Management
2. Senior Care Management
3. Legal Assistance
4. Medication Management
5. Health Coach
6. Research

By changing the way you deal with the healthcare system, you can save time, money, and live healthier. Total Health Management is the change you need.

Email Beverly at for more information.

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We partner with local hospice agencies to complement their services. Hospice care is able to come into your home for a few hours per day, and the service we provide fills in those gaps of your chosen hospice agency. Coming soon - a list of local hospice agencies.

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