COVID-19 Preparations

Our management team continues to monitor CDC guidelines and implement new strategies as needed to keep our Clients and our Caregivers SAFE.

Our Caregivers are committed to practicing safety measures in their off time so that they can limit their exposure and continue to provide services to our clients. Our Clients limit the activity in their homes when our Caregivers are working and practice safety measures when loved-ones visit.

From the beginning of the pandemic, we armed our Caregivers with necessary PPE - masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, and continuing to supply as needed.

What To Expect

Upon entering a new client’s home, we wear our masks and immediately wash our hands for at least 20 seconds with warm, soapy water prior to working with our clients. It is so hard as a Southerner to not hug someone upon greeting but we are doing our best to place a clean hand on a shoulder or hold a hand for a greeting with a smile and warm exchange of words.

PPE - Masks

Once we have established working standards, the Client and the Caregiver make the determination of continued wearing of masks while in the home as long as the client is not immune-compromised or have open wounds.

PPE - Gloves and Hand Sanitizer

We practice hospital standards for using gloves. So much misinformation about using gloves is out there. We do not wear one pair of gloves for the entire visit. Look at any hospital show, they wear gloves for a specific task then throw them away. Our standard practice has always been to wear gloves when providing hands-on care such as toileting. We use hand sanitizer and/or washing hands frequently between tasks when not providing hands-on care. Washing hands before and after preparing meals, careful to use utensils to handle food properly. Even the seemingly innocent practice of blowing on hot food no longer happens. We warm food slowly to reach the desired temperature, if too hot, use cool water to cool food or an ice cube to cool a drink.

If a Caregiver is directly exposed:

They immediately come out of any shifts and are tested. They must be quarantined for 14 days from the date of exposure if a negative test result and 14 days from a positive test result. We will adjust quarantine times as we receive information from the CDC.

If a Client is directly exposed:

The family takes care of the testing and as their care team, we make a decision on the safety of the Caregiver going back to continue care taking into account when the client is exposed and if our Caregiver was impacted. If the Caregiver needed to be quarantined, we would be able to provide care with someone else while wearing PPE for the entire visit during the quarantine time period.

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